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A truly first class service, with excellent correspondence and wonderful professionalism. For anyone looking to acquire an ITIN number, look no further. Seamless from start to finish. Thank you very much.


James H
Qatar, Middle East

US Non Resident Tax Forms | ITIN | EIN | 1040NR | 

We are ITIN acceptance agents and Enrolled Agents, here to assist with your US tax form requirements.

We specialize in helping you with your W-7 ITIN Number application or with your SS-4 Employer Identification Number (EIN) application.


We assist with:


  • The completion & application process to obtain an ITIN or EIN

  • Assistance in completing W9, W8 and W-8BEN forms, corporate W-8BEN-E forms, as well as 8233, 1040NR, 8288-B FIRPTA reduced withholding and 8833 Treaty Based Return Position forms

Certified Acceptance Agent ITIN Form W7

Don't worry. We can help you with your ITIN Application and make sure all forms are filled out correctly to avoid delays and rejections.

Don't live in the U.K?

No problem, we can assist by phone, email and Skype. Please feel free to get in touch for a free consultation.


We help people throughout Europe including:

United Kingdom

Czech Republic


We are ITIN agents with a 100% success rate.

Just Breve have assisted many clients to obtain an ITIN successfully and can assist you by email, video call and phone to apply for an ITIN.

We are Certified Acceptance Agents based in Hayes, West London, United Kingdom. 

We visit you at home, your office or a location suitable to you including the airport if you are visiting the UK on business or holiday.

As US tax specialists - we are non resident experts and assist in the preparation and filing of 1040NR (non-resident) tax returns., along with help for:

  • State tax filings (as required)

  • US tax refund claims 

  • Reducing US tax due via a treaty with your country of residence

  • And many others

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