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News & Tips from an ITIN Acceptance Agent

IRS Acceptance Agent phone number

Just Breve - IRS Acceptance Agent phone number
Just Breve - IRS Acceptance Agent phone number

If you are looking for ITIN authorized agents - Just Breve can assist you. We are an IRS Certified Acceptance Agent and we assist applicants looking to apply for an ITIN (Individual Taxpayer Identification Number) for the US.

- As part of the process we ensure that as a W-7 certified acceptance agent (CAA), all paperwork relating to your ITIN application is complete and accurate. As well as certifying the identity documents requires to be submitted with the application.

- We are not permitted to just provide a certification of your passport or other documents. This is per our contract with the IRS. We sign both the Form W-7 and the certification document.

- All ITINs applications submitted by a certifying acceptance agent, go in as a NEW application.

- We will also ensure your are eligible in the first place. Not all individuals are. You will be advised at the outset if you are eligible and what paperwork you are required to provide.

- To contact us the IRS Acceptance Agent Phone Number to call is +44 (0) 208 1444632. We are based near London Heathrow, United Kingdom and help UK applicants as well as those based outside the United Kingdom (by video based certification*).

Elizabeth Line - Just Breve is located near the new Elizabeth line which runs to Hayes and Harlington station (on the way to Heathrow) with a short bus ride to the office. The bus stops directly outside the office. So if you are near Canary Wharf (East London) or Liverpool Street and Farringdon, the journey time is reasonable. If preferred, Just Breve can also send out an agent to visit you as well if you prefer.

* All video based certifications require you to send in your identity documents to us. We are not permitted to certify without seeing the originals. These are returned quickly to you after the call.

- As a certified acceptance agent, Just Breve can call the ITIN unit to check the status of your application. Current processing times are still 2 to 3 months for international applicants (as of May 2022).

- As a certified acceptance agent, Just Breve will also receive a copy of the ITIN notice (CP565) as will you, once issued.

If you have questions or need to determine eligibility, contact us today:

Or just call and discuss if preferred - Our IRS Acceptance Agent Phone Number to call is +44 (0) 208 1444632


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