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News & Tips from an ITIN Acceptance Agent

Is Just Breve an IRS CAA Agent or IRS Agent or ITIN Agent?

Is Just Breve an IRS CAA Agent or IRS Agent or ITIN Agent?

Well technically all 3!, the phrasing just varies to describe what we do as a certifying acceptance agent (CAA). We assist with ITIN applications (Form W-7) for anyone looking to apply for an ITIN (US tax number).

We are well versed in what is required to apply and whether you will be eligible to obtain one from the IRS. They are not issued to everybody, you need to meet fixed criteria.

I need ITIN Help with an IRS ITIN application on Form W-7:

Well you are in the right place. Just Breve as a certifying acceptance agent and ITIN specialist, can assist with all types of ITIN applications, including the more rare and complex ones (e.g. a 99 year old applicant who had dementia and needed a number to claim a US pension for her late spouse).

We can also call a special IRS help number if there are any issues with the application (this is rare and normally due to IRS processing errors) or if you want an update on processing.

As an IRS certified acceptance agent we deal with ITIN number applications as well as 1040NR tax return filings in the US (tax preparation service for US tax refunds) for all our clients.

What is an IRS CAA Agent?

An IRS certifying acceptance agent (CAA) is someone who has signed a contract with the IRS to prepare and submit ITIN applications and certify identity documents (e.g. passports).

As a CAA or agent we manage the full process from start to finish as well as handle any issues that may arise with the ITIN submission to the ITIN unit. This is rare, but does happen sometimes.

Why would I need an ITIN agent to help me?

Because as certifying acceptance agent we are experts in the field of ITINs. We know how to fill in the paperwork correctly, advise on what supporting documentation you need to provide to prove you are eligible for one as well as certify your identity documents so you don't have to mail them in to the IRS. It's an all rounded and complete service.

Separately, due to long delays in obtaining a number, any mistakes will only double the time it takes you to obtain one yourself, if you fail to complete the paperwork correctly. Current timescales are 4 months before issuance occurs, so any mistakes will double this time.

Get in touch today:

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