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News & Tips from an ITIN Acceptance Agent

ITIN/Certified Acceptance Agents (CAA) in London, United Kingdom and servicing Europe

ITIN/Certified Acceptance Agents (CAA) in London, United Kingdom

ITIN/Certified Acceptance Agents (CAA) in London, United Kingdom and Servicing Europe

Just Breve are well versed in assisting ITIN applicants complete their applications accurately and efficiently. We are licensed by contract with the IRS as certified acceptance agents here in London, United Kingdom. We are licensed to check your  ID and passport documents as well as ensure you are eligible to apply for an ITIN under the rules set by the IRS. We ensure the paperwork is complete, so that you receive your ITIN first time. 

What sort of clients do you see?

Our client base is far reaching. People from all walks of life require ITINs for varying reasons. Examples of people we have assisted include:

- Filing a US 1040NR to claim back overpaid tax on US pensions as a non resident

- Filing a joint 1040 return with a US spouse

- Filing a 1040 return as a dependent of a US person

- Worked in the US for a period of time (less than 183 days) and required to declare US work days and US income by filing a 1040NR tax return

- Filing a 1040NR tax return to claim back 30% tax on gambling winnings at a US casino

- Filing a 1040NR to claim back capital gains tax paid using the US/UK treaty

- Claiming a US inheritance or US life insurance policy or US pension after the death of a US person

- Musician or band member requiring an ITIN for a Central Withholding Agreement (CWA) application

- Selling a US property and requiring an ITIN for FIRPTA withholding tax purposes

- Member of an LLC or LLP requiring an ITIN for withholding tax purposes

- Own a US INC and require an ITIN for banking purposes

- Renting a US property and the rental agent requires an ITIN to reduce the 30% non resident owner tax

- Receiving royalty income for the US and ITIN required to reduce 30% withholding tax to nil under the treaty

- Applicants required to renew their ITINs 

........and many many other types of reasons for requiring an ITIN.

Where do your clients reside?

We see a multitude of clients, primarily from London, surrounding areas and other parts of the UK, Other international clients flying in and out of a London airport have also called on our expert services to assist with their ITIN applications while visiting the UK. As well as several corporate clients requiring ITINs for their employees.

What are your fees?

Our fees are fixed and one off. They include up to 2 hours drive to a convenient location (home/office/motorway services/hotel reception/coffee shop/airport terminal). We always advise fees upfront and try to make the process itself as easy as possible.

You also have the choice of visiting us at our office near Heathrow airport (J4b off the M4).

We offer weekend appointments for those who cannot see us during the week.

NOTE - In very rare instances, where an ITIN is rejected or suspended by the ITIN unit, we will resolve all issues until the ITIN is received. This is rare and happens sometimes because the ITIN unit processes all applications manually and by paper only. Almost a million plus are processed annually. Things can get lost or detached from the application submitted. This is rare and only happens in the low 1% of total applications. We aim to resolve at no additional cost to the applicant. You pay once and only once.

What do your clients say about you?

We always love feedback. Our testimonials page contains reviews from all prior clients who have wanted to leave a comment to pass on to others wanting to use our service. 

Just Breve is a Certifying Acceptance agent and can assist with all ITIN applications. We help ITIN applicants on a daily basis for both new ITIN applications and for ITIN renewals. We charge fixed fees (including up to 2 hours travel time to you).

Get in touch today and we will happily assist and answer your questions:


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