US Expat Tax

Are you a US Expat living outside the USA?

Just Breve deals with non resident tax filings for non Americans. We do get a lot of requests for information on US Expat Tax filings. Good news, we have linked up with the professionals over at Bright!Tax who are Expat Tax experts.

What help is available?

- Federal Tax returns - Form 1040 preparation

- IRS Streamlined Filing Procedures - multi year filing of 1040's

- State tax returns

- FBAR reporting

- FATCA Reporting

- Form 5471 Foreign Corporation filings

- Relief Procedures for certain former citizens - Accidental Americans

- Renunciation of US citizenship

- Individual personal consultations - starting at $90 per 15 mins


Who are Bright!Tax?


Bright!Tax is a leading, multi award-winning provider of US tax services for Americans filing US taxes from overseas.


We proudly serve thousands of American citizen and Green Card holder clients in over 190 countries. Filing US taxes from abroad is challenging, however our mission is to remove the hassle, and make it a breeze!


Every Bright!Tax client is connected to one of our expat-specialist CPAs, who remains available throughout the process. We offer flat fees, unrivalled expertize, and world-class support, to ensure your US taxes are prepared accurately, easily, and to your optimum financial benefit.

Need just advice on certain US Expat Tax forms?
Bright!Tax offer $90 per 15 mins of advice.

Do you need an individual consultation? Have a quick question you need to check?

Live Outside the UK?
We can assist by email or phone. We charge a flat fee. 
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