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River Thames, London

About Us

Certifying ITIN acceptance agent in London

Just Breve simplifies US taxes for individuals and businesses throughout the world as your Certified ITIN acceptance agent in London.

What We Do

At Just Breve, we know how complex and overwhelming US taxes can be. Preparing tax returns and forms can take not only time and money, but it if filed incorrectly they can significantly impact your business and/or income.


We’ve spent years helping clients throughout the UK, Europe and the Middle East obtain their US tax ID numbers and file appropriate US tax forms. Our dedication to ensuring our clients always get top value for their money takes precedence. Whether that means traveling two hours to meet up at a coffee shop to go over forms, or if it means taking time on the weekend to help you, we do what it takes to provide the services you need.

Our Values


When you work with Just Breve, you’re working with an honest and trustworthy agent. As your ITIN acceptance agent, you entrust us with not only your documents but your time for us to get things done efficiently and returned safely.


When your agent is wrong, you are the one who ends up paying. But when you choose Just Breve, we hold ourselves accountable to our clients for every ITIN number we obtain and every tax return form we file.

We never charge additional fees later. We are upfront at the start so you know your costs upfront, always, every time.


The complexities of foreign government tax filings are not to be taken lightly. We’ve spent years providing clients with the services they need to obtain the correct tax ID numbers and file the correct tax returns. 


Not only are we focused on delivering exceptional services as your ITIN acceptance agent, but we also work to empower our clients. Passing on experienced based knowledge that is invaluable to our clients is fulfilling and keeps us accountable. 

Services You Can Rely On

Transparency is important in our business. Which is why we offer one fixed fee with no additional or hidden charges. Our job is to continue to work until your problems are solved and you’re 100% satisfied with the result. Our satisfaction guarantee ensures our commitment and lets you know we’re always here to solve your problems. From filing 1040NRs for individuals to getting a certified copy of your passport for ITIN purposes, we cover a broad range of US tax services.

Whether you need help filling out information tax forms or would like a professionally trained enrolled agent to deal with the IRS for you, we’re happy to tackle your tax concerns in a timely manner.

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