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Renew ITIN

Have you received a Letter 5821 from the IRS?

As Certified Acceptance Agents (CAA) we can assist you in renewing your ITIN.

Who needs to renew an ITIN?

You need to renew an ITIN if you have not filed a US tax return for 3 consecutive years or if the IRS has written to you asking you to renew as the ITIN has expired (and you did not renew when you should have).  Refunds will not be issued until the ITIN has been reactivated and renewed.


All ITINs ever issued went through a renewal program commencing 2015:  If you have never renewed the ITIN and file a U.S. tax return with that same number, there may be a delay in processing your tax return as well as delays in any refunds due.


Who does not need to renew an ITIN?

You do not need to renew if:​

  • You will not be using the ITIN  on a U.S. tax return*.

  • The ITINs are only used on information returns filed with the IRS by third parties. However, in the future, if you use the ITIN to file a U.S. tax return (including for a dependent), you will need to renew the ITIN at that time.

  • The owner of the ITIN became a U.S. citizen or legal resident alien and has a social security number (SSN). You don't need to renew your ITIN; however, you do need to provide the SSN and previous ITIN to the IRS (Tel: 855-723-2060 ext 244 or if outside the U.S. +1-267-941-1000)

* a U.S. tax return for yourself, your spouse or any dependent

N.B - ITINs with middle digits 70 to 99 have already expired and can be renewed at any time. 

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