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Certified Acceptance Agent in Italy

Case Study: Italian citizen requiring an ITIN:

We assisted an Italian national while he was flying through London Heathrow on holiday with his family for an ITIN application. The client met our acceptance agent at one of the terminals at London Heathrow. All paperwork was prepared and ready for him to sign on arrival. The passport was checked and confirmed and all paperwork then couriered to the US for processing.

Fixed Fees

We offer a fixed fee service. We then arrive at a suitable location that is convenient to you.

Arrive...Check...Sign. We then certify your passport or ID. 

Skype video calls are also available. ID documents need to be mailed in and will be returned securely.

Do you need to renew an ITIN?


Please review the ITIN Renewal Process for more details.

Feel free to call us or fill out out our simple contact form to discuss your needs and answer any questions.

Italy Certified Acceptance Agent

Are you an Italian citizen requiring your passport to be certified for an ITIN application? We are London based certified acceptance agents who assist Italian nationals living and working in the UK as well as in Italy.

We can visit you in Italy or if you are visiting London on business or for pleasure we can meet you at a mutually convenient location.

Minimize Risk of Lost Documents

As a certified acceptance agent, we have a license with the IRS to certify your Italian passport and ID documents so you don't have to mail them to the USA.


Remove the risk of lost passports or delays in processing with the IRS (60 days plus before you receive your documents back). Get in touch today to book an appointment for us to visit you.

Avoid the hassle of ITIN rejections or delays in processing your ITIN documents. We are experts at making sure everything is filled out correctly and we can send certified copies of your documents to the IRS for you.

Read our Blog for more ITIN, EIN and other IRS Tax Form Tips, News & Information:

Just Breve and relax!

Contact us today with questions or to get started:

First class service with a smile. Very efficient and communication skills were top drawer.

Joban S
Pinner, United Kingdom

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