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Where can I get UK passport certified for W-7?

Where can I get UK passport certified for W-7?

A passport is one of 13 documents that can be used to establish your identity and your connection to a foreign country (“foreign status”) for purposes of an ITIN application (using Form W-7).

A foreign passport is the ONLY one that can establish both and stand alone (i.e. establishes both foreign status and identity).

If submitting a passport with the W-7 application, no other documents need be sent. If a passport is not sent, a combination of 2 documents need to be sent (one of which has to have a photograph).  Details of these other documents can be found here.

To support the W-7 application you must submit original documents, or certified copies of these documents from the original issuing agency.

What is an original issuing agency?

An original issuing agency provides and certifies the document as an exact copy of the original issued document and contains an official stamped seal from the agency.

If you are in the US, you can visit an IRS office listed here.

What other methods are their for me to get my passport certified?

Barring sending the original passport to the IRS (and waiting 60 days plus for its return), you can use a Certified Acceptance Agent (CAA). A CAA is licensed to review and certify passports for W-7 applicants.

A list of CAAs can be found here.

CAAs are allowed to use Form W-7 (COA) to certify that they have reviewed and verified the original documentation or a certified copy from the issuing agency of those documents through face-to-face or video electronic interviews. 

CAAs must have the original identification documents in their possession during the interview.

A CAA will also ensure the W-7 From has been completed correctly before sending the package to the IRS ITIN Office (including checking correct supporting documentation).

More information on the CAA Process can be found here.

Why should I use Just Breve as a London Certified Acceptance Agent?

The IRS rejects about one third of all ITIN applications and processes almost 1 million a year. Sometimes applying for a ITIN is difficult and frustrating. We aim to ease that process and make it more streamlined and efficient for you.

We make home visits, to your office, a mutually convenient location or even any where in the world that suits you! We are London based certified acceptance agents covering all of London and the surrounding areas.

We're flexible and willing to accommodate your needs. We know that most people are busy and travelling into Central London can be painful most days. We aim to ease that for you.

If you require help with your ITIN application and to get UK passport certified for W-7 then please get in touch today.

More information

- Please refer to our blog post "ITIN Number Application" for further information.

- Obtaining an ITIN from Abroad - please refer to the IRS Website for more information.

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Don't live in the U.K? No problem, we can assist by phone, email and Skype. Please feel free to get in touch.

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