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News & Tips from an ITIN Acceptance Agent

Case Study: ITIN for a US Pension

ITIN for a US pension - we assist clients regularly who have a US pension or have inherited a US pension from a spouse or family member.

Below is an example testimonial from one of our clients and gives a good overview of what was required and achieved.

Client age: 73 years old

Resident: Resident in Wales, United Kingdom

ITIN required for: 30% withholding tax being deducted on annual pension of $2,785

Outcome: ITIN issued in April 2018. Back claims of tax refunds made to claim overpaid 30% withholding taxes using the UK/US tax treaty. Income exempt from US taxes as the client is a resident of the United Kingdom.

For what purpose did you require an ITIN?

I started to receive a small pension in 2010 from a USA based company that I had worked for in China, and the pension company were paying the pension less 30% Federal Tax. In order to stop the deduction of the 30% I had to have an ITIN and as I had never worked in the USA I needed to obtain one by application.

How long did you try to obtain an ITIN?

On and off over an 8 year period

What problems did you encounter in obtaining an ITIN?

A number of applications were rejected without explanation, so I had to try and guess what had not been submitted correctly. Initially I was advised by the US Consulate in Shanghai that a notarised copy of my Passport was acceptable, but eventually found out that this was not the case, and I would need to post my original Passport to the USA, which I was very reluctant to do.

What made you decide to find someone to assist?

After failing on a number of occasions, I saw an item on the internet saying that there were companies in the UK that could assist with tax matters in the USA. I searched online, and found a couple that I sent e-mails to. Disappointingly, they did not reply, presumably because they were more interested in providing services for American citizens working in the UK.

How did the agent assist you in making the process easy and efficient?

The agent took over the whole procedure, and as she is an approved organisation, she only needed to see my Passport, so I did not have to send it to the USA.

How did you find the service you received?

Very helpful and to the point.

With regards to tax return filing and obtaining your refunds how easy was the process?

From my point of view it was very easy, all I had to do was send the pension information to the agent, she then completed the necessary forms that she e-mailed to me, I printed them off, signed and dated them, and sent them back to her by post. Everything else was taken care of by her. After I received notification of the ITIN from the USA, the agent then again completed the application for a Tax Refund, using the same procedure, which has all gone very smoothly. I only wish I had found out about Just Breve before attempting to make an application for the ITIN myself.

Would you recommend Just Breve for people in a similar situation to you?

Most definitely, without any hesitation.

What 3 words describe the service you received?

Excellent, Professional, Effective.

If you are in a similar situation and require an ITIN or wish to claim back overpaid US taxes, please get in touch today - we can assist with obtaining an ITIN using form W-7 aswell as assist in claiming tax refunds by filing a 1040NR US tax return.


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