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Applying for withheld gambling winnings from the USA

How to get tax back from US casino winnings?


How to file US tax returns from the UK?

If you have visited Las Vegas or another US state where gambling is legal, you may have been lucky enough to win. As a non resident of the US, your win may have been dampened somewhat when you realized they withheld 30% tax on the gross winnings.

As a non resident, the casino has to withhold tax if you do not provide a completed W-8BEN with an ITIN number. Most non-residents won't have this number or be aware that if they do win, tax will be taken off their winnings.

How to claim US tax back on winnings?

If you did win, you'll be wondering how to claim US tax back on winnings? Well, you would have been issued a 1042-S showing the gross withholding and the federal tax withheld (in some cases state tax may have been held as well). This document should be kept safe, as you will need it when applying for a refund.

Can I claim back US withholding tax?

Yes as a non resident you are able to claim this back. It involves filing a 1040NR US tax return and attaching both a treaty claim as well as the 1042-S document. This can only be done the year after your win. So if you won in October 2019, you would need to wait until January 2020 to file a 1040NR US tax return. The reason for this is because you have to wait for the US tax year to close.

Once submitted, the refund can take anywhere from 8 weeks to 6 months. The longest we have seen is 1 year (but that tax return was more complicated!).

Non Resident US tax return - what else is needed?

If you have never had a US tax identification number, you will be required to apply for one at the same time as filing the 1040NR US tax return. All tax returns require a US tax identification number to allow them to be both processed and then a refund issued.

For non residents of the US, this number is called an Individual Taxpayer Identification Number or ITIN for short. It involves completing a Form W-7 and attaching your certified identification documents to the application.

Who can certify my identification documents?

You have a choice of sending your original documents to the USA with your application or you can use a certified acceptance agent (CAA) who is licensed to check and sign a certification (called a Certificate of Accuracy) which is attached to the Form W-7 application.

As a certified acceptance agent for ITINs, Just Breve is both licensed and well versed in the application process. ITIN applications once submitted, take 7 to 11 weeks to be processed for international applicants. This timescale, is in addition to that of the tax return being processed.

Can I file a US tax return from the UK?

In short yes, there are lots of US tax accountants here in London and the United Kingdom.

Just Breve is a US tax accountant based near London Heathrow in London and we regularly help individuals claim back tax from the USA. We offer both face to face and Skype/video based appointments. You can visit us at the office or we can come out to you (subject to travel costs).

If you would like more information - please contact us today:

Tel: 0208 1444632

We also have lots of satisfied clients who have left testimonials for your review.

Just Breve is an Enrolled Agent and Certified Acceptance Agent (CAA) for ITIN purposes.

Established in 2015. Proudly woman led and owned.

Just Breve and relax! We've got your US tax filing and US tax questions covered!


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