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ITIN Certified Acceptance Agents in London

ITIN Certified Acceptance Agents in London - we cover London and the surrounding areas. WE visit YOU. We help eliminate the requirement of having to submit original documents to the IRS, so your passport stays with you. Remove the risk of lost passports or delays in processing with the IRS (60 days plus before you receive your documents back). Get in touch today to book an appointment for us to visit you.

PREFER VIRTUAL - We can assist via VIDEO CALL - we offer certification by video call as well. All applicants still require us to sight the original ID document or passport and this will need to be mailed to us prior to the call taking place. All documents are returned securely.

ITIN Certified Acceptance Agents in London - We are authorised by the IRS to to verify supporting documentations ( i.e. Passports, etc. ) for all ITIN/ Form W-7 applications.


We offer a fixed fee service which includes meeting you at a suitable location that is convenient to you, checking all documents and preparing the relevant paperwork and couriering all documents to the USA.

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