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Certified Copy of Passport for ITIN:
ITIN ID verification

Use an ITIN Certified Acceptance Agent in London - We are authorised by the IRS to to verify supporting documentations (i.e. Passports, etc.) for all ITIN/ Form W-7 applications.


We offer a fixed fee service which includes meeting you at a suitable location that is convenient to you, checking all documents and preparing the relevant paperwork and couriering all documents to the USA.

Just Breve and relax!

Contact us today with questions or to get started:

As part of the ITIN application you need to either mail your ORIGINAL ID documents or provide a certified copy.

London notarial services for ITIN applicants are available in the form of a certified acceptance agent. The agent will verify that the ID documents are genuine while viewing the documents in hand at a meeting.

Once satisfied, the certified acceptance agent will certify using a W-7(COA) form which is attached to the application and sent to the ITIN program office in the USA.

ITIN applicants can expect to wait 8 to 11 weeks to recieve their ITIN in hand is all documents are processed with no issues. Where an ITIN application is rejected, a new new application or further documents will need to be sent to the ITIN office.

When you work with Just Breve, we can make a certified copy of your passport and other IDs or documentation so that you don't have to send your documents to the IRS and wait for 60 days or more to get them back. We are Certified Acceptance Agents approved by the IRS, so we ensure that your documents are accepted and that your ITIN application is processed quickly and sucessfully. So just relax and contact us today and we can streamline the entire ITIN application process.

On average processing times range from 6 to 8 weeks up to 11 weeks for international applicants.

We've assisted many happy clients - please review our testimonials. We visit you at a mutually convenient locaion (like your home or workplace).

How to get an ITIN in London

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