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Help with Form 8233 for an ITIN application

Help with form 8233 for an ITIN application

Form 8233 is normally required to be completed where you are receiving compensation from US sources for work carried out either in the USA or remotely from your home country.

The form is normally requested as part of a Form W-7 ITIN application to ensure the tax treaty benefits are applied correctly. Individuals are either exempt or subject to a reduced withholding of tax on their wages, salary, compensation and honoraria.

Just Breve can assist with completing both the ITIN application and the Form 8233 correctly. We have assisted many individuals living all over the world to obtain an ITIN first time and without delays.

If you require help we are available by email and phone to ensure timely delivery of all paperwork for your W-7 ITIN application.

Mini Case Study

We received a request from a UK based individual requiring an ITIN who gained a contract with a US software consultancy. The role involved a few trips and remote working from the UK. He was unable to be paid until an ITIN was received and Form 8233 completed. Paperwork was prepared by Just Breve and signed by the client for posting to the ITIN office with all attachments complete.

The ITIN was issued first time; length of time from posting all documents to receipt was approximately 10 weeks.

Do I need an ITIN?

Please refer to our blog post "ITIN Number Application" for further information.

Contact Us:

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Don't live in the U.K? No problem, we can assist by phone, email and Skype. Please feel free to get in touch.

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