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Can a certified acceptance agent process an EIN?

Just Breve - Can a certified acceptance agent process an EIN?
Just Breve - Can a certified acceptance agent process an EIN?

Can a certified acceptance agent process an EIN?

In short, yes. A certified acceptance agent can assist as third party designee.

This allows the CAA to call on your behalf to the EIN unit and obtain the EIN over the phone. Once the call ends, the CAA can no longer speak to the EIN unit (unless there is a power of attorney in place).

All paperwork will arrive to the registered office of the applicant.

Applying for an Employer Identification Number for your business:

- to apply you will need to complete Form SS-4

- a call then needs to be placed to the EIN unit and while talking to the processing agent, you will need to fax the application to them

- once the call is complete they will verbally provide the number over the phone

- paperwork relating to the issuance will arrive in 2 to 3 weeks (sometimes longer for international applicants)

You can apply for the EIN yourself as the responsible party for the business or you can use the services of a certified acceptance agent as third party designee. Just Breve can assist with your EIN application and the correct completion of Form SS-4, as well as making the call to the EIN unit and obtaining the employer identification number for you.

How long will it take?

- once all information is received we will prepare form SS-4 for you and email to you to print and sign.

- once received back we can call immediately (subject to IRS call waiting times) the same day to obtain the number.

- you will be provided with a verbal / email confirmation of the number with paperwork pending (as above).

If you require assistance or advise on the EIN application process, please contact Just Breve today.

We can also assist with completion of Form W-8BEN-E for US payors/clients if you are a non resident entity of the US and work remotely from the UK, Europe or elsewhere.

T: 0208 1444632

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