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News & Tips from an ITIN Acceptance Agent

EIN Acceptance Agent

Just Breve - EIN Acceptance Agent

Are you looking for an EIN acceptance agent?

Unfortunately there is no such thing! but Just Breve can assist as third party designee in the completion of Form SS-4 (Application for an Employer Identification Number) and obtaining the EIN for you from the EIN unit in the US.

Form SS-4 - this form can be daunting to complete. If you have a need for an EIN because the US payor has asked you for one before paying you - we will happily assist. As a foreign entity, you can obtain the EIN via phone and fax BUT not online via the EIN tool (as most non resident owners do not have an ITIN / US tax ID number).

How quickly can you assist me?

Once we have all of our questions answered (and appropriate documents provided by you) we can normally obtain this within 24 to 48 hours. This will be a verbal confirmation with paperwork following from the IRS within a few weeks.

Does having an EIN mean I have to file a US tax return for my foreign company?

No it doesn't - the US taxes based on effectively connected income and physical presence. If you are 100% remote with no agents or offices in the US, you won't have to file. The only time you would, is if a client held US tax and you wanted to reclaim this.

N.B. State taxes or Nexus - some states charge tax if you sell physical goods in to their state. This is a complex area and we do not advise on this subject.

Are there any other US forms I need to complete?

You may be required to fill in a W-8BEN-E before the US payor pays you the money. The form is used to determine the beneficial owner of the income and also to confirm you are exempt from tax by selecting the appropriate US/UK tax treaty (or other country's tax treaty). We can also assist with this form.

Contact us today:

T: 0208 1444632

All SS-4 applications can be completed remotely via email and phone. If you do wish to visit (by appointment), we are based near London Heathrow at Stockley Park / M4 / M25.


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