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News & Tips from an ITIN Acceptance Agent

Certified Acceptance Agent - London IRS Acceptance Agent

Just Breve - Certified Acceptance Agent - London IRS Acceptance Agent
Just Breve - Certified Acceptance Agent - London IRS Acceptance Agent

Just Breve is a certified acceptance agent for the IRS for ITIN applications.

Conveniently based near London Heathrow airport and the M4/M25 motorways.

If you prefer a face to face visit at the office or an in person visit located closer to you for your convenience (we can come to you), we are happy to accommodate.

Prefer a VIRTUAL meeting? - Video call options are also available for those outside of London and as far afield as Scotland, Ireland and the north of England (e.g. Manchester, Scarborough). Even in other countries too.

As a certifying acceptance agent (CAA), Just Breve will certify your passport (or other ID documents) for purposes of an ITIN application. As a CAA we are licensed with the IRS to prepare in full the complete Form W-7 application and supporting documents package. We are required in all instances to sight the original ID document (regardless of whether this is face to face or via video call).

For more details on the process you can click here.

How long has Just Breve been in business?

Almost 6 years and counting...with a 100% success rate in applying for an ITIN number for all our clients. We only assist those who are eligible for an ITIN per the IRS rules and ensure that all applications contain all the correct supporting paperwork to ensure the application is approved. If we know you are not eligible, you will be advised as such very quickly.

What sort of clients do you assist?

Our ITIN clients come from all backgrounds and have a varying need for an ITIN. Examples include:

- Foreign owners of US property - selling or renting a property

- Beneficiaries of a deceased US individual who have inherited US assets and investments

- Individuals filing a US tax return (both 1040 and 1040NR filings)

- Individuals with US source income who work remotely from outside the US

- Competition winners who have been paid by US payors

- Gambling winners who won in Vegas!

- Foreign students who studied in the US and have received US income

- Retirees receiving a US source pension for work they did in the US or for a US employer

- Investors with a US brokerage account who have capital gains and dividends from the US

- Business people who have set up a US business like an LLC or LLP or INC and require an ITIN for tax reporting or filing purposes

And the list goes on.

Do you help people outside the UK?

Yes of course and more so now because of the effects of Covid. We can assist via email and remote video call for both ITIN applications and tax return filings for tax refund claims from the US.

We have assisted clients from France, Holland, Denmark, Spain, Italy and as far afield as Singapore and the United Arab Emirates!

If you require an ITIN or have questions on your eligibility or even the process of applying, please get in touch today:

Tel - 0208 1444632

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