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News & Tips from an ITIN Acceptance Agent

IRS Certified Acceptance Agent England

IRS Certified Acceptance Agent England
IRS Certified Acceptance Agent England

Just Breve is an IRS Certified Acceptance Agent based in England, United Kingdom.

What is an IRS Certified Acceptance Agent (CAA)?

A CAA is a licensed certified acceptance agent with the IRS. We are trained in and provide experience with assisting individuals obtain both a new ITIN or renew an existing ITIN with the IRS.

We are able to certify your documents for the sole purpose of obtaining an ITIN.

How can an Acceptance Agent assist me?

All CAA's are well versed in the eligibility criteria of ITINs as well as being able to certify your foreign passport or other ID documents for the purpose of applying for an ITIN. The agent will also advise what supporting documents are required to be attached to the application as well as completing the W-7 ITIN application in full for you.

The CAA also has the ability to liaise with the ITIN unit to resolve any issues with the application process and also to obtain a verbal confirmation of the number for you.

Using a CAA is a simpler way of ensuring accuracy and completeness of your W-7 ITIN application. It also ensures you are able to hold on to your passport and ID documents and not have to send them to the ITIN unit.

How long does it take to get an ITIN?

All international applicants of an ITIN can expect anywhere between 7 to 11 weeks for the processing and issuance of the ITIN. This includes the paperwork being mailed to them for the ITIN notice.

What types of ITIN applications do you deal with?

ITIN applications come in all shapes and sizes! and we see them all. Examples include:

- filing a 1040NR US tax return for a refund or payment of US tax

- claiming back tax on gambling winnings

- filing a 1040 US tax return as a resident of the US (under the substantial presence test)

- filing a 1040 US tax return as a spouse or dependent of a US citizen/resident

- requiring an ITIN as a member of a US LLP or LLC

- needing an ITIN before the US payor can pay you your consulting income/wages/honorarium payments etc

- needing an ITIN to claim a tax treaty benefit - pensions / annuities / royalties / dividends / interest income

- selling a US property and requiring an ITIN for FIRPTA tax withholding requirements

- managing agent requiring an ITIN for your rental income from a US property

- needing an ITIN for an estate / inheritance or lost property claims

- needing an ITIN for your US mortgage company

- plus many others too!

Who are Breve Limited aka Just Breve?

We are ITIN experts who have assisted hundreds of individuals to obtain or renew an ITIN. We also assist with tax refund claims from the US for over paid US tax. This happens when no ITIN was available and the US payor has held a flat 30% tax (e.g. via a 1099 or 1042-S or W-2).

We are both Certified Acceptance Agents and an Enrolled Agent (US tax accountant).

Our clients are very happy - please see our testimonials page.

Does it cost to speak to you?

No it doesn't - just email or phone to get in touch. We can help with any queries or questions you may have.

We will advise if you're eligible for an ITIN and whether you do have a valid claim to a refund of tax from the IRS.

We also help those who may have a tax liability to the US Federal government (and possibly State) - an example would be if you physically worked in the US for a number of days or months in one or multiple states and no tax was withheld from your income received.

Call us today on 0208 1444632


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We are located near London Heathrow airport and the M4 motorway (junction 4b). Parking is available. We can also meet you if you cannot come to us!


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