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News & Tips from an ITIN Acceptance Agent

ITIN for a non resident owner of a US corporation

Just Breve - ITIN for a non resident owner of a US corporation
Just Breve - ITIN for a non resident owner of a US corporation

If you need an ITIN as a non resident (foreign) owner of a US corporation you can obtain an ITIN from abroad by using the services of a certified acceptance agent (CAA).

As a foreign business owner of a US corporation you will have specific reporting and filing requirements that lead you to need an ITIN for filing of a US tax return (1040NR) where you have US source income from that business (primarily dividends or salary). Taxation of foreign nationals is on the radar of the IRS and you have to properly file and report income transactions to them and hold the applicable tax (the standard is 30% for non resident withholding unless a treaty overrides it).

You may also need an ITIN if you have income generated from a US bank account in the name of the business as the bank may require one from you.

How can I apply for an ITIN from abroad or outside the USA?

You can use the services of a certifying acceptance agent who will prepare and complete all paperwork as well as certify your identity documents for the ITIN application on Form W-7.

Just Breve is a certified acceptance agent based in London, United Kingdom since 2016. We have assisted hundreds of ITIN applicants and are well versed in the rules and procedures for applications.

What paperwork do I need for the ITIN application?

Just Breve will confirm what paperwork is required based on the reason for the application and will complete and submit these for you.

Whether you are receiving dividends from the US corporation, have a PPP loan that is expiring and needs an ITIN for paperwork processing or have a US bank account generating interest or a 1040NR filing requirement to claim back overpaid tax (or to pay tax to the IRS). We will establish what you need to provide to apply for an ITIN.

All ITINs for nonresidents require a copy of their identity document attached and certified. Just Breve will check and certify your passport (or other identity document) and attach a signed Form W-7COA (certificate of accuracy) to the application.

We also receive a copy of the ITIN notice (CP565 notice) and have a special number we can call to check the status of the application.

I am based in Ireland or Scotland and you are in London - how can you assist me with my ITIN application?

We are able to preform a certification via video call for you. The identity documents will have to be mailed prior to the call to us and will be returned securely to you after the call.

If you want to know how to get an ITIN from outside the US - get in touch today for more details and the application process:

0208 1444632

ITIN for an INC or corporation / Non-resident US Business Owner / US dividends - do these apply to you? and you need an ITIN for a non resident owner of a US corporation? Call us today!


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