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News & Tips from an ITIN Acceptance Agent

Just Breve - US ITIN acceptance agent

Just Breve is a US ITIN acceptance agent. To be precise a certifying acceptance agent (CAA). This means we can certify your passport or other ID documents for ITIN purposes, meaning you can hold on to these documents instead of mailing them to the US.

Using a certified acceptance agent, gives you control over your documents as well as providing experience in ensuring your ITIN application is processed carefully and properly (with all the appropriate supporting documents attached).

As a CAA, Just Breve assists on a regular basis, individuals who need a US individual tax identification number for a varying number of reasons. Whether that be filing a 1040 or 1040NR tax return, filing jointly with a US spouse, selling a US property, receiving a US inheritance or even simply selling US shares or receiving dividends where excess tax has been withheld.

We assist with clear instructions from the first email or telephone call. Ensuring all questions are answered before you proceed.

We have many satisfied clients - read our testimonials

All clients we have assisted, come from all walks of life and for varying reasons need assistance with obtaining a US tax number. The process can be frustrating if the paperwork is not accurately completed.

The process we provide is simple:

1 - Contact us by phone or email - we will advise the process and what documents are required

2 - Complete the appropriate client documents and return to us

3 - We will prepare the paperwork and advise the appropriate documents you either need to bring to a face to face meeting or mail to us for a video call

4 - At the face to face meeting or video call we will ensure all your questions are answered and that your documents are certified and returned to you safely

5 - As CAA we will mail the application of the the ITIN unit in the US as well as attaching the W-7COA (Certificate of Accuracy) as CAA certifying your passport or other ID documents (after seeing the originals)

6 - Updates will be provided to you by email or just call or email to ask for a current status

7 - ITIN received via mail to your mailing address (we also receive a copy and will advise as such)

All ITINs take 7 to 11 weeks to be issued, however due to Covid-19, this is a lot longer due to delays at the ITIN unit. Upwards of 4 to 6 months in certain cases.

Need more details or want to apply for an ITIN or renew an existing ITIN?

Call us on 0208 1444632 or email or use the contact forms on the website.


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