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What is a certified acceptance agent?

An IRS certified acceptance agent can assist you in both obtaining a new ITIN and renewing an existing ITIN. All certified acceptance agents have to obtain a license from the IRS which allows them to review identity documents and certify them as originals for the purpose of an ITIN application.

What does a certified acceptance agent do?

A certified acceptance agent performs the following functions:

- prepares form W-7 Application for Individual Taxpayer Identification Number (ITIN). All certified acceptance agents have to adhere to the ITIN guidelines to ensure eligibility for an ITIN relates to either a tax return filing requirement or a tax reporting requirement.

- the expertise of the certified acceptance agent ensures that any delays or rejections in the ITIN application process are reduced or eliminated. Therefore speeding up the receipt of the ITIN.

- As the the IRS no longer accepts notarized copies of identity documents, a certified acceptance agent can be used to perform the identity check and certify on Form W-7(COA) that this is complete. Form W-7(COA) is then attached to Form W-7 when applying for the ITIN.

- the certified acceptance agent will review all supporting documents to ensure they are correct and complete, as well as sufficient for purposes of applying for an ITIN.

- the certified acceptance agent will submit the application to the IRS ITIN Services department in Austin, TX.

- the certified acceptance agent will communicate with the IRS ITIN department as well as receive a copy of the ITIN assignment notice from them once issued.

Why should I use your certified acceptance agent services?

As a certified acceptance agent we deal with hundreds of applications a year for all types and combinations of ITIN requirements. We class ourselves as experts in the field of ITINs and will only assist where we know we can obtain the ITIN for you.

We communicate with the ITIN department on a regular basis, so where problems arise with the application, we are able to resolve these quickly.

Because we can certify your documents for purposes of applying for an ITIN, it means you do not have to send your originals documents to the USA for up to 60 days.

You call us or email us to find out more.

Can I apply for an ITIN - what are the reasons for applying?

You can apply for the following reasons:

- Filing a US Tax return (1040 or 1040NR)

- Buying or Selling a US property

- Buying or Selling US land investments or timeshares

- Buying or Selling US shares - You have US stocks and shares sales (capital gains) and the payor is requesting an ITIN to reduce the 30% flat rate withholding

- You are receiving US income and the payor has requested an ITIN

- You are receiving US income under a tax treaty to reduce or eliminate the 30% flat rate withholding

- You are the non resident spouse or child / dependent of a US person

- You are receiving a US inheritance

- You have a US pension

- You have a US bank account or broker account

- You wish to claim a refund of US tax overpaid

- You have set up a US LLP or US LLC or US Inc and require an ITIN

- You are receiving US dividends and the payor has requested the ITIN

- You are receiving US royalties

- You are contractor working remotely for a US company and the payor has requested an ITIN

- You have taken out a US mortgage and the bank is requesting an ITIN

If you have another requirement which is not shown above, please contact us to find out if you are eligible to obtain an ITIN. We are happy to clarify any questions you may have.

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