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US tax returns Ireland

Just Breve - US tax returns Ireland
Just Breve - US tax returns Ireland

If you are based in Ireland and have US tax return requirements, Just Breve can assist.

We specialise in 1040NR US tax returns for non residents of the US.

So, if you have to file a US tax return in Ireland for a tax refund claim or to declare income and pay tax, we can assist from the United Kingdom.

What sort of US tax returns do you assist with?

We can help with 1040NR US tax return filings.

Examples include:

- received a 1042-S tax withholding document with 30% tax held on US income (royalties, dividends, interest, US pension income, US inheritance, income as a contractor etc. and you want a refund of tax paid

- received a 1042-S tax withholding document with ZERO tax withheld and you want to check that this is correct or you need to file to pay US tax owed to the IRS

- received a 1099-B for capital gains on stock or share sales from the US and 30% tax is withheld and you want a refund of tax paid

- you worked in the US for a short period and need to claim back federal and possibly overpaid state taxes on wage income (or you may owe if none were held)

- gambling winnings from a US casino - where 30% tax was withheld

- you received US life insurance proceeds and tax was withheld

- claiming tax back on unclaimed property that you subsequently received but tax was held on the proceeds

- you won while playing video games or a sports event in the US and too much tax was held and you want to claim the benefit of a tax treaty

- you had YouTube or Google Ads income and they held 30% tax

- you are an athlete or entertainer and worked in the US and tax was held (or not held)

- you previously worked in the US and had a US pension you have taken early and need to file and pay the 10% penalty for early withdrawals (e.g. on an IRA or 401(k)

- many other 1040NR reasons too

Just Breve can assist with 1040NR filings in all of the above cases and more.

Get in touch today for more information. You may or may not have to file based on the facts and circumstances. We will advise what you need to do (or not), as the case may be.

Being based in Ireland is not an issue - we can assist remotely from the UK or if you are arriving or leaving from London Heathrow (or any airports in the South of England.

Tel: 0208 1444632


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