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2022 - Filing a 1040NR for 2021 as a Non Resident Alien

Just Breve - 2022 - Filing a 1040NR for 2021 as a Non Resident Alien
Just Breve - 2022 - Filing a 1040NR for 2021 as a Non Resident Alien

If you have a tax filing requirement or are wanting to claim a refund for 2021 for US tax paid, you should be aware of the filing deadlines:

- the normal deadline is April 15th 2022 for US based individuals but for non residents of the US, you have an additional 2 months to June 15th 2022. This year due to a bank holiday the deadline is extended to June 17th 2022.

- you can also file a 6 month extension taking you to December 15th 2022 - this is achieved by filing Form 4868 by June 15th and then also filing a letter to the IRS by October 15th 2022 (as the extension on Form 4868 starts from April, not June!).

What paperwork do I need to have before my 1040NR can be prepared?

- you will need any US tax withholding documents received from the payor(s) in the US.

These can be:

- Form 1042-S

- Form 1099

- Form 1099-B (capital gains)

- Form 1099-DIV

= Form 1099-INT

- Form K-1

- Form W-2 (wages if you worked a short period in the USA).

The normal form for non residents is Form 1042-S where there is no effectively connected income or where you didn't physically work in the US.

Most tax documents for non residents are available from March or April the following year. Form W-2 is by February the following year and the K-1 can be anywhere up to October the following year.

2022 - Filing a 1040NR for 2021 as a Non Resident Alien - can Just Breve help file my 1040NR?

Yes, we can assist non resident filers in the United Kingdom (England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland) as well as in Europe. As long as there is a US tax treaty with your country of resident we should be able to assist in getting back some or all of your US tax paid.

How long will my US refund take to be received?

Paper filers of 1040NR US tax returns (normally first time filers) - it will take 6 months plus to receive a refund of tax. This will arrive by USD cheque unless you have listed US bank details on the 1040NR US tax return. If you do not have a US bank account, take a look at who offer US bank details for transfers inside the United States. Once opened these details can be used on the US tax return. Just Breve will ensure you use the correct details issued by them on your tax return. This will speed up the refund arriving (especially with international mail delays during Covid times PLUS cheque clearance times being 6 to 8 weeks).

How can I have Just Breve assist or provide further information to me?

Contact us by phone, email or via the website contact forms (fixed fees apply to all our clients, once agreed):

T - 0208 1444632


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