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News & Tips from an ITIN Acceptance Agent

Certifying Acceptance Agent - ITIN applications and Form W-7 assistance

Just Breve - Certifying Acceptance Agent - ITIN applications and Form W-7 assistance

Just Breve are a London based ITIN Certifying Acceptance Agent. We can assist individuals with all aspects of the ITIN application process and submission of Form W-7 with the ITIN unit.

Over the years, we have assisted hundreds of applicants from the UK, Ireland, Spain, France, Denmark, USA and more.

ITINs vary in nature in terms of why an applicant may be required to obtain one.

PRIMARY reason for an ITIN - most people require an ITIN for purposes of filing either a 1040 (US resident tax return) or a 1040NR (non resident tax return).

Examples include:

- Filing a joint US 1040 tax return with a non resident spouse or non resident dependents

- Filing a 1040NR to declare work days in the US and pay tax or obtain a refund

- Filing a 1040NR to claim back excess tax paid - e.g. 30% tax held on gambling winnings or royalty fees where the US/UK tax treaty allows for a lessor tax withholding.

SECONDARY reasons for an ITIN are called an exception to filing a US tax return. These exceptions include (but are not limited to):

- A member of a US LLC or LLP required to obtain an ITIN

- Individuals who have opened an interest bearing bank account and require an ITIN for bank reporting purposes

- Individuals who have opened an interest baring bank account for their US business and require an ITIN for bank reporting purposes

- Beneficiary of a US inheritance required to obtain an ITIN to receive a distribution or for the appropriate tax withholding to be reported to the IRS

- Individuals receiving pensions, rental income, royalties, dividends etc and are required by the withholding agent or institution to obtain an ITIN for reporting purposes

- Individuals receiving wages, compensation or honoraria payments from the US

- Individuals receiving fellowships, grants or scholarship payments from the US

- Foreign sellor of a US property or piece of land

- Foreign winner of US gambling winnings at a casino or gambling facility

- Individuals with a US mortgage - and the bank is requesting an ITIN for reporting purposes

All of the above are examples of ITIN exceptions.

Just Breve have successfully assisted individuals in obtaining their ITINs from the US without having to mail their identification documents to the US.

How can we help?

As a Certifying Acceptance Agent (CAA), Just Breve will prepare the full application, check and certify your identity documents and ensure the correct supporting paperwork is attached to the application. ALL ITIN applications require supporting documents attached, else the application will reject.

We will ensure you are aware from the beginning on whether you are eligible or not for an ITIN. We only accept clients we know will receive the ITIN. If we cannot assist or you do not meet eligibility criteria, you will be advised of this at the start.

We strive for client satisfaction and will advise the process in full, as well as provide timelines for receiving the ITIN assignment notice.

Call or email today for more information:

T - 0208 1444632

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