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News & Tips from an ITIN Acceptance Agent

Help with an ITIN application

If you have tried and failed to obtain an ITIN from the IRS, Just Breve can assist with any ITIN rejections.

Helping ITIN applicants is what we do on a daily basis.

We regularly have clients who contact us out of frustration of trying and failing to obtain an ITIN from the IRS. A suspension or rejection occurs as a result of something going wrong with the form, the identity documents or the supporting paperwork. You would have received a CP567 notice advising the issues.

All ITIN applications require either a US tax return attached (primary reason for the application) or other supporting documents based on a limited number of exceptions to filing a tax return. If no supporting documents are attached the application rejects

A tax return can be either a 1040 (with a non resident spouse or dependents) or a 1040NR (non resident tax return). Only a federal tax return can be attached. State returns being filed only are not eligible for an ITIN.

Supporting documents include but are not limited to:

- LLC or LLP member operating agreements

- a letter from the bank advising you are receiving bank interest

- a letter from a US pension company requesting an ITIN before they can distribute funds

- a letter from the rental agent of a US property rental

- a letter from a US broker for dividends being received

- contracts of sale for a US property AND the FIRPTA tax paperwork

- reporting of mortgage interest by virtue of a mortgage contract

- limited exceptions for treaty based claims - e.g. royalty income

Identity documents also have to be either the original or certified by a certified acceptance agent. A notary is not accepted. If you are near a US embassy you may also be able to obtain just a certification there (but they will not check the accuracy of the paperwork submitted).

Eligibility - ITINs are issued to those who are not eligible for an SSN but have a tax filing or reporting requirement only

Need help with a rejected ITIN application?

Contact us today:

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