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ITIN for a US company bank account

Just Breve - ITIN for a US company bank account

We get a lot of calls for people wanting an ITIN for purposes of opening a US bank account.

ITINs are issued for tax filing and reporting purposes only. They are not issued for opening a bank account.

However, there are ways to obtain one where a US entity has been created and the need arises to open a company account.

If you have an INC, LLC or LLP (or are a member of the latter), you will be able to obtain an ITIN using specific supporting documentation attached to the application.

INC - this is a corporation. As part of the ITIN application a letter on headed paper will need to be provided stating you are receiving dividends in the current tax year. The letter template wording will be provided by us and will need to have an inked wet signature.

LLC or LLP - as a member you will need to provide both the EIN (employer identification number) of the entity as well as the portion of the partnership or LLC operating agreement listing you as member.

The documents will support your application for an ITIN and prove there is a reporting requirement.

We assist regularly with various owners of US companies (INC) and LLC or LLP members who have a requirement to obtain an ITIN so that the corporate accounts can be prepared and a K-1 issued to each member (for them to file a Form 1040NR US tax return for their share of the profits/losses).

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More information on ITINs can be found in our Just Breve Blog


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