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News & Tips from an ITIN Acceptance Agent

Just Breve - Apply for an ITIN through an Acceptance Agent

Just Breve - Apply for an ITIN through an Acceptance Agent
Just Breve - Apply for an ITIN through an Acceptance Agent

When completing Form W-7 for a new or renewal ITIN application, you will also be required to submit identity paperwork as well. To aid in this, the IRS has international (and US based) acceptance agents who can assist with the process.

There are 2 types of acceptance agents authorized by the IRS:

  1. Acceptance Agent (AA)

  2. Certifying Acceptance Agent (CAA)

An Acceptance Agent (AA) - can help you complete the Form W-7 for an ITIN. An AA will need to submit original documentation or certified copies of the documentation from the issuing agency to the IRS for all applicants.

A Certifying Acceptance Agent (CAA) is licensed to verify original identity documents for primary and secondary applicants. The CAA will sign a separate certification document which is attached to the Form W-7 ITIN application. For dependents, CAAs can only verify passports and birth certificates.

With a CAA they will RETURN your original identity documents to you, meaning there is no need to send the originals to the IRS.

If you require assistance in both completing and submitting a Form W-7 for an ITIN application, Just Breve can assist:

- advise on eligibility of an ITIN

- advise what documentation is required for the ITIN application

- review and check your identity documents

- prepare and submit the completed Form W-7

- provide updates on processing time and status at the IRS

- provide a verbal confirmation of the number before the paperwork arrives

Please note a CAA cannot just provide a certification, we have to complete and submit the full Form W-7 application with certification and attachments.

Just Breve is a certifying acceptance agent (CAA) for IRS ITIN applications. We have assisted 100's of applicants with many satisfied clients and will continue to offer a flexible and friendly service. Have a question? Get in touch today!

0208 1444632


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