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News & Tips from an ITIN Acceptance Agent

I need my ITIN renewed in 2021

Just Breve - I need my ITIN renewed in 2021
Just Breve - I need my ITIN renewed in 2021

If you have received a CP48 notice from the IRS or if your tax return has been rejected for a refund because your ITIN or one belonging to your spouse or dependent has expired in 2021, Just Breve is able to assist you in renewing your ITIN number.

Just Breve is a US certified acceptance agent and can assist with all ITIN renewals for you or your family members together.

What can Just Breve assist with to have my ITIN renewed in 2021?

Just Breve is a certifying acceptance agent and can assist with all ITIN applications and Form W-7 assistance (including applying for a new ITIN number).

As a CAA (as we are known), Just Breve will complete the full application and certify your passport or other ID documents so that you do not have to mail them with the application to the USA.

As a CAA we will sign a separate certification document called a W-7 COA (Certificate of Accuracy for IRS Individual Taxpayer Identification Number).

We will also mail off the application and receive the ITIN notice (CP565 notice). You will also receive the same.

How long will the renewal of my ITIN take?

Normal processing times are 7 to 11 weeks. However as of June 2021, with ongoing Covid delays across the IRS, the ITIN renewal will take approximately 3 months to be processed and paperwork received.

Just Breve as certifying acceptance agent, can also call and provide a verbal update, however, again due to delays, we would not call for at least 2 months post receipt of the application at the ITIN unit in Austin, Texas.

How many ITIN applications have you assisted with and what do prior clients say?

Just Breve has assists with hundreds of applications for clients each year. You can find client reviews on our website (under testimonials) or on Google Local reviews.

We have a 100% success rate in obtaining ITINs and are very proud of our record.

How do you certify other than face to face?

We can arrange a video based certification if you cannot come to the office or do not want a face to face visit. As part of the process you will need to mail your original identity documents to the agent dealing with your case and they will be returned securely to you.

We deal with ITIN application clients as far afield as France, Denmark, Spain, Italy, Bulgaria and across Europe. As well as the North of England, Ireland, Wales and Scotland.

If you have questions - just get in touch. We will advise the process and the fixed fee for the ITIN renewal.

0208 1444632


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