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2023 Tax - ITIN application for my 2022 1040NR

Just Breve - 2023 Tax - ITIN application for my 2022 1040NR
Just Breve - 2023 Tax - ITIN application for my 2022 1040NR

If you have a US tax return prepared by your US accountant (state side) and require a US tax number (ITIN) issued for the processing of the 1040NR for 2022, Just Breve can assist as certifying acceptance agent (CAA) for your Form W-7 ITIN application.

As part of the process the tax return MUST be finalised and ready as it is attached to the Form W-7 submission. That means the tax return will be paper filed once the ITIN is assigned by the ITIN unit in Austin, Texas.

What is a certifying acceptance agent (CAA)?

Just Breve is a certifying acceptance agent (CAA). We have a contract with the US Internal Revenue Service (IRS) to prepare, certify identity documents and submit the full Form W-7 submission to the IRS, on behalf of the applicant.

Why use a certifying acceptance agent? This allows for a smooth process in both submission and timely assignment of the number (ITIN). Any issues that may arise, are then handles by the CAA and not by the applicant.

I'm filing my 2022 1040NR in 2023 and am based outside the UK - can you help?

Yes of course Just Breve can assist! We are located near London Heathrow, United Kingdom near the M4/M24 motorway and of course London Heathrow airport.

Most clients opt for a video based certification. As part of this process, we will email all documents that require signing and you will sign and post them to the UK with your original identity documents. These originals are returned after the video call (that day or the next day) via tracked international courier.

If you do feel like flying into London for the day or while you are passing through, we are located just 10 mins by car from London Heathrow. Or there is a bus that stops outside the office in around 20 mins.

The Elizabeth Line is also just 10 mins away by bus or we will happily meet you at your location, where ever may be convenient.

How can Just Breve assist me?

We file US tax refund claims regularly for non residents of the US on Form 1040NR. If you have received a 1042-S, W-2 or 1099 with overpaid tax held, do get in touch.

We offer fixed fees and free consultations to discuss what you need to do to receive back the overpaid tax.

We are also a certifying acceptance agent and can assist with obtaining a new ITIN or renewing an existing ITIN, even if you have a Form 1040NR prepared by another US accountant.

Get in touch today:

T: 0208 1444632


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