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Form W-7 ITIN Certified Acceptance Agent Canary Wharf

Just Breve - Form W-7 ITIN Certified Acceptance Agent Canary Wharf
Just Breve - Form W-7 ITIN Certified Acceptance Agent Canary Wharf

Just Breve is an ITIN specialist and Certified Acceptance Agent based in West London, near Heathrow airport and the Elizabeth Line. We offer services for ITIN applications (Form W-7) both at the office near Heathrow or we can come out to you in Canary Wharf on the Elizabeth Line (and any stops in between).

If you are looking for a Form W-7 ITIN Certified Acceptance Agent in or near Canary Wharf, we will be happy to assist.

Just Breve has a 100% acceptance rate for all applications. We only assist those who are eligible for an ITIN and can provide the correct supporting paperwork.

The service includes:

- Full free assessment of eligibility for an ITIN

- Full details of supporting paperwork you will be required to be submit as part of the application

- Certification of your identity document for ITIN purposes (passport or other applicable ID documents)

- We sign a separate certification for the identity check, so all originals stay with you and are not sent to the IRS in Austin, Texas, USA

- Fixed fees are quoted in advance along with a full process and document list

- Fees are charged only after we advise you of your eligibility for an ITIN (both new ITIN applications and renewals of an existing ITIN)

- Your choice whether you prefer a face to face visit or video call certification (this option requires you mailing in your ID documents, returned after the call)

- Access to the ITIN unit via telephone (if you require a verbal confirmation of the number before the paperwork arrives from the US)

- Easy communication via email, telephone and WhatsApp

- Confirmation of receipt of the number by paper copy once received

- Many happy and satisfied clients, both in the UK and Internationally (including Europe)

- Highly experienced, polite and professional service - see our testimonials and google reviews

Get in touch today:

Tel: 0208 1444632


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