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News & Tips from an ITIN Acceptance Agent

ITIN for an LLP - I am based in the United Kingdom (UK)

Just Breve - ITIN for an LLP - I am based in the United Kingdom (UK)
Just Breve - ITIN for an LLP - I am based in the United Kingdom (UK)

Do you need an ITIN number in the UK for an LLP?

If you think large accounting firms like Ernst & Young, PWC or Deloitte and Touche can only assist with LLP ITIN applications, you are wrong. There are smaller certified acceptance agents like Just Breve who are well versed in these types of applications and for a reasonable fee.

We assist clients on a regular basis who require a US TIN for purposes of either filing a US 1040NR tax return or where the LLP requires the number to file it's tax returns including details of any non resident partners.

What is the process for obtaining an ITIN, I am a partner in a US based LLP?

As part of the process, Form W-7 needs to be completed correctly with attachments as well as certification of your identity documents. The paperwork is then mailed to the ITIN unit and will take 2 to 3 months to be processed, before a paper notification of the number is sent to you.

This is if all the paperwork is complete and accurately completed. If a mistake is made or if something was omitted and not attached, the application will reject or suspend and require fixing. The timescales for this, extend the process by another 2 to 3 months.

As a certifying acceptance agent, Just Breve is able to assist with both confirming you are eligible for an ITIN and preparing and certifying all paperwork for your application.

Please note, as certifying acceptance agent, Just Breve cannot just give you a certification. We are required by contract with the IRS to prepare and submit the full application including certification of your passport / identity documents.

This includes seeing the ORIGINAL PASSPORT and or / identity documents. We are not allowed to just view them over video call.

I need to file a US tax return but it is not final, can I still apply now?

Yes there are limited exceptions to filing a US tax return with an ITIN application. These include anyone who is a partner of a US LLP. Just Breve will confirm what these are to you, before we proceed, so you can ensure the paperwork s available (or forthcoming from the LLP legal department). If not, you will have to wait until the US tax return is ready and then attach this instead.

I applied for an ITIN myself and it was rejected - can you help me?

Yes of course, we do so regularly. ITIN applications are rejected for a multitude of reasons and we have seen them all. From not ticking or selecting the right box to not including the appropriate supporting paperwork.

We help applicants regularly who have failed (sometimes several times) to obtain an ITIN.

What guarantees do you provide that my application will succeed?

We only take on eligible clients, not everyone is eligible. You will know this from the outset.

We ensure all paperwork is in place before or will be in place shortly (e.g. for a property sale). If paperwork is not available that you are required to provide, you cannot apply. We will advise you to come back once it is.

We charge a single fee for the application. If for whatever reason there is an error - like IRS processing errors causing a rejection - there is no additional charge and we will resolve the issue. No additional fees or costs.

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