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News & Tips from an ITIN Acceptance Agent

Tax accountant in US has prepared my tax return and I now need to submit to the IRS and need an ITIN

Tax accountant in US has prepared my tax return and I now need to submit to the IRS and need an ITIN
Just Breve - Tax accountant in US has prepared my tax return and I now need to submit to the IRS and need an ITIN

If you have an accountant prepared US tax return that requires an ITIN for filing purposes, Just Breve can assist with your Form W-7 application.

Not all US accountants are certified acceptance agents (CAA) for the purposes of an ITIN application. If this is the case and you require a Form W-7 ITIN application completing and being certified by a CAA, we can help.

What is a certified acceptance agent (CAA)?

A CAA has a license (and contract with the IRS) to both complete the application and also certify your identity documents so you don't have to mail them to the US. A CAA will sign a Form W-7COA to certify they have checked and seen (in hand) your identity paperwork.

The CAA will also sign both the Form W-7 and W-7COA and keep records of all applications. Once the ITIN is issued, the CAA will also receive a copy of the assignment notice. You will also receive your copy.

I just need a certification only - can you help?

Unfortunately the answer is no.

CAA's are required to complete both the Form W-7 and W-7COA and ensure all supporting documents are attached. i.e. to ensure accuracy of the application so it does not reject as well as check the identity paperwork. This is written into the contract we sign. This ensures the applications submitted are assigned first time instead of rejected. The ITIN unit rejects approximate;y 30% of all applications due to errors and items not attached or certified correctly. So the job of a CAA also includes helping reduce the rejection rate.

Separately, any rejections are also marked against the CAA's license. And no CAA wants to lose their license as a result of something that is not their mistake.

Does my tax return have to be ready before I apply for my ITIN?

Yes it does.

All applications require supporting paperwork attached. In the case of a tax return filing, this is the tax return. It has to be both signed and dated with a pen, no e-signatures are allowed. This means, as you are filing for the first time, you will have to paper file the application and the US tax return filing.

I owe tax - how do I pay this?

You will need to wait for your ITIN to be assigned before paying the tax.

Can I not just mail in the return without an ITIN?

No - all US tax returns require a valid tax identification number to be processed. Else any credits or refunds are denied until you provide one.

If you have mailed in a return without a number, you will be assigned a temporary number until you receive your ITIN. No refunds will be processed until the ITIN is assigned and matched to your return.

Just Breve is based near London Heathrow. We can see you face to face at the office or if further afield, we can arrange a video based certification (but will still need the original identity document, which will be returned to you).

We also offer at home/office or other location visits (subject to travel costs).

Fixed fees apply.

T: 0208 1444632


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