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News & Tips from an ITIN Acceptance Agent

Just Breve - US tax accountants in London

If you are looking for help to file a US tax return to claim back overpaid US taxes - Just Breve are here to assist. We are US tax accountants in London.

Using a US accountant who is a US Enrolled Agent and has spent time passing IRS exams, Just Breve can assist in obtaining overpaid US tax from the IRS by preparing a 1040NR tax return filing.

What is a 1040NR?

A 1040NR is the form used by non residents of the US who have received US source income where tax has been withheld at source. Normally the flat rate withholding amount is 30% for non residents, but this doesn't not mean it is the correct rate of tax that needs to be paid to the IRS. In most instances, most of this is refundable as the US taxes using graduated income tax rates.

How do I know what tax has been withheld?

A Form 1042-S is normally issued for payments to non residents. In some circumstances you may have received a W-2 or a 1099-MISC form for wage or consultancy income. There are many other withholding forms depending on the type of income - e.g. dividends may have been reported on a 1099-DIV and interest on a 1099-INT.

Whichever document has been issued to you by the payor should be kept safely, as it has to be attached to the 1040NR filing as proof. If it is not attached it will delay any refund you are claiming.

I live in a tax treaty country - can I use this to claim back excess tax?

Depending on the treaty conditions - the answer is yes in a lot of cases. Just Breve will happily review your circumstances and advise your refund position. There is no charge for a call or email. Once we have confirmed you can claim, we will advise the fixed fee for the 1040NR that requires filing. In some cases, you may also need to file a state return (e.g. if you worked in California or New York).

When claiming a refund - how long does it take?

So the length of processing is all dependent on the time of year the return is submitted. e.g. during busy US tax season it will take a lot longer than off season. US tax deadlines are mainly April and October each year, so either side of these dates, the unit that processes returns is fairly busy. The quickest refunds we have encountered are 7 weeks going up to 1 year for more complex returns. The average time is 3 to 6 months.

If also applying for an ITIN number, you will need to add an additional 6 to 8 weeks on top of the time scales above as the ITIN is processed first and then the tax return is forwarded for processing (as it cannot be processed without a valid ITIN).

Can you assist with applying for an ITIN?

Yes! Just Breve has a license with the ITIN unit. As a certified acceptance agent, we are able to prepare the documentation as well as certify your identification documents for ITIN purposes. We also have the ability to call and check that the ITIN has been issued. Normally after 6 weeks of mailing to the ITIN unit.

If you already have an ITIN you may be required to renew your ITIN before filing if you have not filed for 3 calendar years. We are able to assist with any ITIN renewal.

We are an ITIN certified acceptance agent in the United Kingdom. We also assist international applicants via Skype. As part of the process for certification, you will need to mail your ID document to us in the UK, as we have to have it in front of us when speaking to you via Skype.

Get in touch today and we will happily assist and answer your questions:

Phone: 0208 1444632


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