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News & Tips from an ITIN Acceptance Agent

Certifying Acceptance Agent in Wales

Just Breve - Certifying Acceptance Agent in Wales
Just Breve - Certifying Acceptance Agent in Wales

Just Breve is a Certifying Acceptance Agent in London that covers all of the United Kingdom. This includes Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland (as well as Ireland).

As a Certifying Acceptance Agent we cover Wales as a region of the UK. We are able to assist you remotely via video call (or if you wish to visit the office, we are based near London Heathrow, M4 Junction 4b/M25).

As part of the process, we are required to see your original identity documents, which will be returned straight after the video call (same or next day dispatch) or you bring them with you to the meeting.

How can you help me with my ITIN application in Wales?

We assist individuals in the region of Wales on a regular basis. Most clients prefer a video based certification, but some also opt to visit at the office.

All communications are via secure email or if you prefer, you can post documents to us once ready. If having a video call, we will email you the documents to sign and post with your passport (or other ID documents). Once received, the video call is arranged and the originals are returned securely back by Royal Mail post, after the video call.

What types of ITIN applications do you deal with?

Every type! We deal with a multitude of new ITIN applications.

Examples include:

- a non resident spouse of a US citizen or resident filing a joint 1040 and needing an ITIN

- dependents of a US citizen, resident or green card holder requiring an ITIN to obtain credits on their 1040 tax return

- non residents filing a 1040NR US tax return

- non residents with a distribution from an estate or trust

- non residents with an inheritance from a US pension or investment account

- non residents with an interest earning bank account

- non residents with a share or units in a US partnership (LLC/LLP/LP)

- non residents with a US corporation or 83(b) election filing requirement

- non residents selling a US share of a US entity and needing an ITIN for FIRPTA 1446(f)(1) purposes

- non residents selling a US property and need an ITIN for FIRPTA purposes (Forms 8288 and 8288-A and 8288-B)

- non residents buying a US property

- non residents with rental income payable in the current year and need an ITIN for their managing agent, so they can receive the income

- non residents who were students in the US and require an ITIN to file a 1040NR US tax return

- non residents trying to claim their 401k or IRA distributions after they retire

We also deal with RENEWAL of an EXPIRED ITIN - if an ITIN has not been used on a US tax for 3 calendar years, it expires and needs to be renewed before any refunds are released by the IRS.

How can Just Breve assist with my ITIN application?

At Just Breve we are able to assist with any and all types of ITIN applications. This includes both new applications and renewals of an existing ITIN. Please note, you only need to renew if filing a US tax return. In some cases, for FIRPTA purposes as well.

Just Breve is a certifying acceptance agent (CAA) and we work with the IRS (we have a contract with them) to prepare, certify identity documents and submit ITIN Form W-7 applications. We can also call them to check status updates (however this is only done after a set time if nothing has arrived based on the current processing times). As a certifying acceptance agent for ITIN applications, we also receive a copy of the ITIN notice (as does the applicant).

Just Breve is located near London Heathrow (M4/M25 corridor) and close to the Elizabeth Line station (with a short 15 minute walk or 8 minute bus journey that stops in front of the office).

We also offer remote video verifications, which require your ORIGINAL identity documents to be mailed in to us. They are returned back securely after the video certification by Royal Mail signed for or Special Delivery.

We deal with the whole of the United Kingdom and Ireland, as well as Europe and further afield. Video certifications would apply in this case and documents returned by courier for non UK clients (2 day courier).

Fees are fixed and transparent. We only charge you once.

Just Breve will also confirm if you are actually eligible for an ITIN. A full process and timeline will be emailed to you to start if you are eligible. Contact us today if you have questions or need more details:

T: 0208 1444632


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