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News & Tips from an ITIN Acceptance Agent

Breve Limited aka Just Breve

Who is Just Breve? Just Breve is a trading name for Breve Limited. A company owned and operated from the United Kingdom and dealing with various aspects of US tax return filings and obtaining US tax identification numbers (known as an ITIN or an EIN) for non residents of the US.

Established in 2015, Just Breve is proud to have assisted residents from the United Kingdom, various European countries (including France, Denmark and Spain) and the UAE with their US tax filing obligations or ITIN applications. Just Breve has assisted in obtaining tax refunds varying from a few hundred dollars to tens of thousands, dealing with any IRS letters / issues and ensuring tax returns are processed and refunds issued for the client.

Work is performed face to face and via remote video call as well as via email. Always contactable and happy to discuss and answer any questions you may have.

Don't believe us! We have received many testimonials from clients who have given great reviews of Just Breve and the services received. These can be found on the testimonials page as well as on Google Reviews.

Examples of 2021 Just Breve reviews from satisfied clients:

Pav was friendly, efficient and knowledgeable. She helped me to obtain an ITIN when other agents had failed. She responded promptly (within 24 hours) to all of my queries. I was impressed by her professionalism. My supporting documents were stored securely online in an encrypted repository. This was more secure than sending personal documents as email attachments. This is something that I appreciated since online privacy is very important nowadays. Thank you Pav.

Osian R, Gwynedd, North Wales, United Kingdom

From start to finish the ITIN application was handled quickly and efficiently, Pav handling any unknowns with ease. Much appreciated.

Stephen P, Hovik, Norway

Pav is exceptionally knowledgeable about matters

relating to international taxation etc. and has helped

the fog to clear for me through her expert advice.

She is very responsive to communications & clear in

her directions and requirements. For someone not

fully au fait with the why’s and wherefore’s she helps

to demystify the system with non jargonistic language.

I would thoroughly recommend.

Mark B, Windsor, United Kingdom

My spouse and I could not have been more pleased with Pav's professional services. So efficient and always so prompt to respond! Highly, highly recommend. Pav made everything so easy.

David B, Emerainville, France

Service super. Réactivité rapide. Contact amical et agréable.

Michel A, Savennieres, France

Just Breve assisted me on renewing an expired ITIN. A very efficient and friendly service from start to finish. Highly Recommended. Thank you very much.

Ian R, Aberdeen, United Kingdom

Great experience! High level of professionalism. Highly recommended!

Aleksandar A, Plovdiv, Bulgaria

If you require assistance with a US ITIN application or need assitance in applying for a US tax refund, get in touch today for more information on how Just Breve can assist and the process involved. Fees are quoted in advance and are fixed once agreed.


Tel: 0208 1444632


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