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EIN for Non Resident Alien with Domestic US Entity

EIN for Non Resident Alien with Domestic US Entity

An Employer Identification Number (EIN) can be obtained in multiple ways depending on the type of entity and if the owner is US or a Non Resident Alien (NRA).

US persons can obtain the EIN for the entity online if they hold a social security number or ITIN.

NRAs cannot apply via the online EIN system as in most cases, these individuals do not have a US tax identification number (TIN). For those individuals, there are two options, dependent on the type of entity that has been set up/requires the EIN:

1. Non US based entity (e.g. a UK Limited company who may be receiving US source income and has been asked by the payor for an EIN) - where this type of entity has an NRA owner and no US presence, the EIN can be obtained by calling the International EIN telephone number. The agents will go through various questions and then provide the EIN over the telephone.

2. US based entity (e.g. LLC with an NRA owner) - in this instance as the entity is domestic, you cannot use the international EIN telephone number. All domestic applications for NRAs who do not have a TIN will need to be faxed to the EIN department. The EIN will then be processed within 7 working days and will be mailed to the registered address. Or if using a 3rd party designee, the designee can call up after the 7 working days to obtain the number over the phone.

Case Study example:

We assisted a Swiss individual (NRA) who had set up 2 Florida based LLCs and was having difficulty in obtaining the numbers to open and US bank account so they could start trading.

The NRA provided transport distribution services and delays in obtaining the EIN as his US attorney required an ITIN to obtain the EIN. Just Breve advised this was incorrect and went through the process of explaining what was required in their case (option 2 above). All paperwork was faxed to the EIN department as this was a domestic entity set up with an NRA. EINs were issued after 2 weeks (due to bank holidays) over the telephone and supplied immediately to the client. The EIN notifications from the IRS followed 2 weeks later to the registered office addresses of the domestic entities.

Testimonial from our NRA:

"The professional assistance by Ms. Tamber of Just Breve was highly appreciated for handling EIN approvals for our two new companies in Florida. Up to date status and reporting on daily basis made process easy to understand. Thank you for your great work." Jorgen V, Switzerland

How can we assist you?

Just Breve are Enrolled Agents and Certifying Acceptance Agents (CAA) - able to assist alien individuals and other foreign persons with obtaining EINs and ITINs from the IRS by assisting in completing forms and validating the person’s foreign status and identity (as applicable).

We are based near London Heathrow and can assist individuals to obtain their EIN or ITIN number at their convenience. Are you flying in or out of Heathrow on business? We can meet you to verify all ITIN documentation near the Heathrow area or at a location that suits you.

We cover London and the surrounding areas, Heathrow and anywhere in the UK and Europe. Travel costs apply in certain cases outside of London. Email or call for assistance today.

Get in touch today:


m: 077255 87696


In lieu of sending original documentation, taxpayers may be eligible to use an IRS authorized Certified Acceptance Agent (CAA).


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