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ITIN Application processing time 2022

Just Breve - ITIN Application processing time 2022
Just Breve - ITIN Application processing time 2022

So you have mailed in your Form W-7 ITIN application and have been waiting and waiting.

The IRS website still states 7 to 11 weeks for international ITIN application submissions, however, this is not the case. Current wait times are 3 to 4 months plus 4 to 6 weeks for the ITIN notice (CP565) to be received by the applicant.

Why are there delays?

Delays at the ITIN processing unit (and the IRS in general), have been ongoing since March 2020 (as a result of Covid-19).

The delays have decreased from the 6 months processing in 2020 and into 2021, to around 3 to 4 months (as of September 2022). Currently the ITIN unit has just started processing submissions at the start of July 2022 (as of September 29th, 2022).

Is there a way to see if my submission has been processed?

If you submitted the Form W-7 yourself and this happened in July 2022 or earlier, yes you can call the IRS International phone number and speak to a call representative to see if the ITIN is assigned. The call centre also has delays, so it is best to call first thing when they open. Please note, you will more than likely be on hold for an hour or so, before the call is answered.

If you used a certified acceptance agent (CAA) like Just Breve to submit the application, the certifying acceptance agent will be able to call and check this for you and provide a verbal update of status (with paperwork following afterwards from the ITIN unit).

My ITIN Form W-7 has been rejected. What now?

If your Form W-7 was rejected by the IRS, you will either have to submit the response form they sent you requesting missing information or use a certifying acceptance agent like Just Breve to assist with another new application. As certified agent for the submission of ITINs, all our applications are submitted as NEW. We can discuss and advise on the issues you may have had with your rejection notice, but we cannot call and check or reply to it as CAA.

Where is Just Breve located?

Just Breve is located near London Heathrow on the M4 motorway. Parking is available for free onsite if you visit (by appointment).

The nearest tube station is Hayes and Harlington and various trains as well as the Elizabeth Line passes at the station. You will then need to take a 10 minute bus journey and the bus stop is in front of the office.

Just Breve covers the whole of London as well as the whole of the United Kingdom (Scotland, Northern Ireland, Wales and England). We also assist applicants from around the world including Europe and the Middle East.

Video calls are available for ALL applicants (who either can't visit the office, are at a distance, or even if you prefer this to a face to face visit). The agent will advise the process of returning your original identity documents (post video call) if this is the case. They are returned securely to you with tracking.

Get in touch today, if you wish to discuss applying for an ITIN or renewing your ITIN number with the IRS:

Telephone: 0208 1444632


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