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Renew my TIN Number in England

Just Breve - Renew my TIN Number in England

Do you live in England and are looking to renew your TIN number?

All ITINs not used on a US tax return for 3 consecutive tax years will automatically expire and require renewal.

Any ITINs issued before 2013, will also expire on a staggered schedule. Some of these ITINs have already expired.

The ITINs requiring renewal in 2020 are those with middle digits:

  • 83

  • 84

  • 85

  • 86

  • 87

You will need to renew the ITIN if filing a tax return in 2020. These numbers were valid up to 31st December 2019 only.

ITINs with the middle digits 70 to 82 have already expired. You will need to renew the number before filing a US tax return in 2020.

I am trying to renew my TIN number in England - how can I do this?

Taxpayers residing outside the United States can utilize the services of a certifying acceptance agent. Also known as a CAA, the certifying acceptance agent has a license with the ITIN unit to assist individuals outside of the US.

All ITIN CAAs, will be able to prepare Form W-7 for you and certify your ID document for ITIN purposes. A separate certificate of accuracy (Form W-7COA) is attached with the ITIN application and mailed to the ITIN unit for processing. This allows you to keep your identity documents.

How can Just Breve assist with my ITIN renewal application?

Just Breve is a certifying acceptance agent and can assist taxpayers and applicants in all aspects of applying for an ITIN or renewing an ITIN, This includes preparing the paperwork correctly, checking identity documents and checking all supporting documents.

We offer face to face meetings if you wish to visit us at the office or we can come to you (home/office/other convenient location).

We also offer video calls for those who are further afield across England, Wales, Scotland and Ireland. As part of the video call, the original document will need to be mailed to us prior to the video call. We cannot certify without seeing the original document.

Weekend appointments are also available.

Contact us today:

T: 0208 1444632


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