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News & Tips from an ITIN Acceptance Agent

Why do I need an ITIN number?

Why am I being asked to obtain an ITIN number?

Well let's start at the beginning - Who is asking you to obtain an ITIN?

If you have recently found out that you are the beneficiary of a US inheritance OR of you are selling a US holiday home or have a US timeshare sale OR maybe you have landed a remote working position with a US company?

Well, all of the above and many more instances, require you to obtain an ITIN.

What is the reason I am being made to obtain an ITIN?

The IRS is very strict compared to other tax authorities around the world. Where a payment is made to a non resident, the payor is expected to correctly withhold the correct amount of US tax on the transaction. This is normally a flat 30% US tax withholding or where a tax treaty applies, then a reduced rate of withholding is allowed.

Why do I need an ITIN number?

If you are being asked for an ITIN, the reason for the request, is that it allows the payor to report the transaction to the IRS. All payors report on withholding forms after the close of the tax year for various types of transactions (including those to non residents). As a non resident, when you receive a payment, more than likely, the form issued to you will be a form 1042-S. Without the number, in a lot of cases (but not all), you will have 30% tax withheld and then have to file a Form 1040NR to claim it back.

Where can I apply for an ITIN number?

ITINs are submitted to the ITIN unit in Austin Texas.

You will need to complete Form W-7 Individual Taxpayer Identification Number Application. The application once completed, needs to be submitted with the appropriate supporting documentation as well as identification document(s). If these latter items are not included OR if the Form W-7 is filled in incorrectly, then the application will reject.

How can you help me apply for an ITIN number from the UK?

Just Breve are a certified acceptance agent. We have a license with the ITIN office to complete the Form W-7 paperwork correctly and to certify your identification documents for ITIN purposes. We have been established since 2015 and are very proud to say we have a 100% success rate in obtaining ITINs.

Any ITIN question can be answered, so please get in touch today and we'll happily answer your questions.

Many satisfied clients have kindly left testimonials on the website.

We are woman led and proud to say we enjoy what we do!

Services You Can Rely On

Transparency is important in our business. Which is why we offer one fixed fee with no additional or hidden charges. Our job is to continue to work until your problems are solved and you’re 100% satisfied with the result. Our satisfaction guarantee ensures our commitment and lets you know we’re always here to solve your problems. From filing 1040NRs for individuals to getting a certified copy of your passport for ITIN purposes, we cover a broad range of US tax services.

Whether you need help filling out information tax forms or would like a professionally trained enrolled agent to deal with the IRS for you, we’re happy to tackle your tax concerns in a timely manner.

Tel: 0208 1444632


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