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Case Study: Non Resident Alien Consulting for a US company

Non Resident Alien Consulting for a US company

Case Study: Non Resident Alien Consulting for a US company

Just Breve assists many clients who have consulting contracts with US companies and require an Individual Taxpayer Identification Number (ITIN) to be paid. We've assisted multiple clients in this situation. Here are a few examples:

- a client called as he needed assistance obtaining an ITIN so he could be paid for software consultancy work for a remote working project based in the UK. We met the client at a location convenient to him and ensured the W-7 ITIN application and all paperwork supporting the application was complete. Certification was easy and the client obtained his ITIN within 6 weeks.

- a client contacted us when the US payroll department of a US company he was contracting for in Canada required an ITIN before issuing payment. All paperwork was prepared and we met the client at Heathrow as he landed to obtain the relevant signatures and certification of his ID documents.

- a client contacted us regarding requiring an ITIN before receiving payment from a US company he was working for internationally on their behalf as part of an international task force. Again all paperwork was prepared and we met the client at a service station half way between them and us (due to distance). The ITIN was received in 8 weeks and the client was happy to have found us.

In all cases above, we ensured the correct US tax treaty article was used to ensure no US tax was withheld and all payments received gross by the client. It is of course the clients' responsibility to ensure all SE income is reported on their country tax return and tax paid locally in their resident country.

As an ITIN certified acceptance agent in London who can assist with applying for an ITIN number, we are ideally located near Heathrow airport for those clients flying in and out on business. We can conveniently met you at a terminal or local Heathrow hotel on Bath Road.

Just Breve ensures all paperwork is ready for client meetings, so all the client had to do is sign and show their passport for the certification. All paperwork is then couriered to the USA and the ITINs issued within IRS processing timescales (7 to 11 weeks for international applicants).

How can we assist you?

Just Breve are Enrolled Agents and Certifying Acceptance Agents (CAA) - able to assist alien individuals and other foreign persons with obtaining EINs and ITINs from the IRS by assisting in completing forms and validating the person’s foreign status and identity (as applicable).

We are based near London Heathrow and can assist individuals to obtain their EIN or ITIN number at their convenience. Are you flying in or out of Heathrow on business? We can meet you to verify all ITIN documentation near the Heathrow area or at a location that suits you. We have met clients at their homes, offices, local coffee shops and even service stations. Wherever it is convenient for them, we will try to accommodate the request.

We cover London and the surrounding areas, Heathrow and anywhere in the UK and Europe. Travel costs apply in certain cases outside of London. Email or call for assistance today.

Get in touch today:


m: 077255 87696


In lieu of sending original documentation, taxpayers may be eligible to use an IRS authorized Certified Acceptance Agent (CAA).

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