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News & Tips from an ITIN Acceptance Agent

Just Breve - IRS approved agents in UK

Just Breve is one of a few dozen certified acceptance agents in the United Kingdom.

A certified acceptance agent (also known as a certifying acceptance agent) has a license with the IRS (specifically the ITIN unit) to prepare, check and certify ITIN applications for non US persons. This includes both renewal and new ITIN applications submitted on Form W-7.

Just Breve has been assisting clients since 2016 with their ITINs

(and US 1040NR tax returns)

As part of the certified acceptance agent (CAA) contract, all CAA's have to undergo forensic training and renew their license after 4 years with the IRS. This allows them to stay current with any changes the IRS may issue in relation to documentation types that can be used to support the foreign status and identity of the applicant.

As part of the contract with the IRS, the CAA has to sight all original identity documentation used to apply for the ITIN, as well as sign off on both Form W-7 and a separate W-7COA (certification document).

The role of the CAA is to ensure both accuracy of the application as well as checking identity documents.

The CAA will then submit all paperwork to the ITIN unit with the certification and supporting paperwork attached. Once the ITIN is issued, the CAA will receive a copy of the ITIN notice (CP565). The applicant will also receive the same.

CAA's can resolve any issues with the ITIN application if the initial application is suspended and requires more information/detail to be sent. In most application cases, this is very rare. Just Breve aims to ensure the application is successful first time.

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