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News & Tips from an ITIN Acceptance Agent

Just Breve - Update on Services during COVID-19

Due to Covid-19 we are working from home.

We are not offering face to face meetings until government advice allows us to resume this service. We are providing Skype calls as applicable to the relevant service if required.

We are still assisting with:

- ITIN applications (via Skype)

- 1040NR US tax returns

- US State tax returns

- Form W-8BEN-E preparation

- Form SS-4 for an EIN

- Email and phone calls relating to US tax questions and queries

To be clear, in terms of processing of forms by the IRS or ITIN unit, there are major delays. We can still send in documents and paperwork for ITINs and 1040NR tax return filings, but there will be significant delays to normal processing times. This is due to their offices either being on a very reduced manpower basis or are fully closed. Documents can still be sent to them, but will sit in a stack awaiting processing. Reopening of these offices may be a few weeks, but obviously due to the crisis, no one can provide a date.

Form W-8BEN-E's are not sent to the IRS and are sent directly to the individual client wanting to pay you - therefore there are no delays in processing these by Just Breve.

SS-4 EIN applications - the unit is closed and there are significant delays in obtaining these numbers. Applications can still be prepared and will be put on hold until the EIN unit reopens.

Just Breve can be contacted by email or by phone:

t: 0208 1444632

Call or email today - we are still working from home! and can assist with any questions relating to US tax forms or the process at the moment due to the Coronavirus and Covid-19.


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