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US Personal Tax Accountants for Form 1040NR

Just Breve - US Personal Tax Accountants for Form 1040NR
Just Breve - US Personal Tax Accountants for Form 1040NR

Have you had US tax held and need to obtain a tax refund from the IRS?

Did you receive a US tax withholding document, showing the gross income and US tax held?

If yes, Just Breve can assist in filing for a US tax refund claim.

Just Breve is a US tax returns accountants based in West London (near Heathrow and the M4). We assist many clients each year with their US tax refund claims. If there is a tax treaty in place (e.g. US tax treaty with the UK), we can help file the 1040NR US tax return for you to obtain your refund.

If there is no tax treaty in place, there may be ways to reduce the 30% withholding tax held on your income. Get in touch today to find out more.

US Tax held on US capital gains? We can also assist in this instance as well.

Just Breve - US Personal Tax Accountants for Form 1040NRs - is well versed in assisting non residents of the US (NRAs) with their tax filing requirements including applying for a tax payer identification number (ITIN on Form W-7) with the IRS to file the tax return (if you do not have an SSN or existing ITIN).

What kind of refunds have you assisted with?

We have helped clients with many different refund claims. These include:

- US capital gains tax held via a US broker where a W-8BEN had expired

- receiving a lump sum distribution from a US deceased persons 401(k), IRA or ROTH account and 30% tax was held

- receiving an annuity payment from a US pension plan and 30% tax was held

- receiving royalties or dividends and 30% tax was held

- you worked in the US for a short period and received income where 30% tax was held

- Entertainers, Musicians and entertainment industry workers who worked in the US for short periods and had too much tax held on their wages or attendance fees at a convention or event

- Earning income outside the US from a US payor for services rendered and they held 30% tax on the income (no US work days)

- gambling winnings while on holiday in the US at a casino and 30% tax was held

- competition winnings where you were present in the US and won at a game show or competition and tax was held at 30%

- working as a professor or lecturer in the US for a short period at a US university and tax was held at 30% on your income

- plus many other situations

We also assist individuals who owe tax to the US and want to be compliant:

- no tax held on a 401(k) early withdrawal - calculating the early withdrawal penalty and tax owed to the US

- no tax held on a lump sum distribution of an inherited pension and tax due to the IRS

All US payors of income should issue a 1042-S to a non resident receiving income from that US source. This needs to be kept safe as it has to be filed with the 1040NR to obtain a refund of tax.

In some instances you may receive a W-2 (for wages earnt while working in the US) or a 1099-B (US stock sales) or other 1099 document for US income. All are US tax withholding documents and should be kept safe, so to obtain a refund or declare income to the US for tax owed.

Do you offer fixed fees?

Yes, we only offer fixed fees (no hourly rates). Fees are agreed and communicated at the outset. We do not charge anything additional (except courier fees, if required). All fees are communicated ahead of work commencing.

US accountant filing US taxes:

Just Breve is a US tax accountants in London, United Kingdom. We assist non residents of the US claim back overpaid US tax and apply for a US ITIN number from the UK, by filing a W7 form for the IRS. Just Breve is a certifying acceptance agent (CAA) and an Enrolled Agent.

Tel: 0208 1444632



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