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Rejected ITIN - I received an IRSN instead

Just Breve - Rejected ITIN - I received an IRSN instead
Just Breve - Rejected ITIN - I received an IRSN instead

At Just Breve we receive all types of ITIN queries. A regular one is where an individual applied for an ITIN and their self prepared ITIN application was rejected.

Q: I applied for my ITIN and it got rejected. However it was resubmitted and I received an IRSN number. I want to know if it is the same as the ITIN number. If not what should I do?

A: An IRSN is a temporary taxpayer identification number. It is normally issued when a US tax return requiring an ITIN is attached with the Form W-7 ITIN application. So if the ITIN application is rejected, the tax return does not get held by the ITIN unit. It instead, is forwarded for processing and as there is no ITIN (or SSN) listed, the processing unit will issue a temporary number called an IRSN.

So in answer to the questions - is it the same number? i.e. is it also an ITIN - the answer is no.

An IRSN is an Internal Revenue Service Number. The sole purpose of it is to log the US tax return as received in the IRS tax processing system. It will NOT be processed, only logged.

So what happens if you have a tax refund due?

Well, in this case, it means the refund will be held until your ITIN is provided to them. And yes, that means, you must again apply for an ITIN number and reattach the same tax return again!

This will allow for the ITIN to be issued. Once issued, the tax return again is forwarded for processing to the IRS processing centre.

But it rejected on the first attempt and took 4 months before I was notified. Can you help me not make the same mistake?

Yes at Just Breve we assist every type of ITIN applicant. If you have attempted to apply (or had many attempts) and have not yet received your ITIN. We can help you.

Get in touch today for eligibility and how we can help. We offer free consultations and fixed fees.

Contact Just Breve for more information:

Just Breve - is a US tax accounting firm, assisting non US persons with their US tax filing requirements. This includes applying for a new ITIN or renewing an existing ITIN. We are a certifying acceptance agent (CAA) and have a contract with the IRS to help with Form W-7 ITIN applications.

T: 0208 1444632


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